About Us

The Hamilton High West Band Parents Club is an organization that is put together by parents of the band and band front to provide support for the entire marching unit. We meet on the first Monday of every month, usually in Room 16 of the Science Wing. Below is a list of things we do and how the monies we collect are used.

The club defers the cost of Leadership Training Camp for the students who are chosen as team leaders.

We help pay for the maintenance of equipment and uniform costs.

We have band camp prior to the start of the school season. The club pays the expenses for: the instructors, the field show to be written, food and drinks for the students.

The club runs all fundraisers. This helps your child defer the cost of their yearly band trip.

The club pays for the printing of program books for our Cavalcade of Bands and all concerts throughout the year. The club solicits the ads for these books.

The Cavalcade of Bands is our biggest fundraiser for the club. Most of the food, drinks and your time are donated which makes this event one of the best events in Mercer County. But there are expenses that we do have to pay including: the judges, police service, EMT’s, food, and miscellaneous items purchased that were needed and not donated.

Awards in various categories are presented to the band members. The Band Parents Club helps pay for these.

The club provides awards to graduating senior members.

We have mothers who volunteer to braid hair before each game and marching events (i.e. Competitions, Cavalcade, Music in Motion & Parades).

We have Super 50/50’s throughout the year. The money raised from this is used to keep up with all the expenses that the band accrues during the year.

At the end of the school year the Band Parents Club has a band picnic for all students and incoming freshman. The turn out is very good and the kids have a great time.

There are a lot of committees that need parent’s help. The more volunteers we have, the easier it is and the more fun we have.

We urge every parent to be a part of your child’s success in the Hornet Band. This is one avenue that allows you to get involved with your child’s schooling before he/she goes off to college to start another phase of their life.

Please volunteer for one of our various committees, so that we can give each child the best years during their high school experience. See the Officers and E-Board page for whom you can contact.


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