Cavalcade Trophy Sponsorships

We are offering families a chance to sponsor the trophies given out at this year’s 43rd annual Hamilton West Cavalcade of Bands.  Sponsoring a trophy will have your name announced during the award ceremony and will allow your favorite band member to present the award to the band that wins it. Sponsorship checks should be made out to HHWBPC.

The available trophies are:

  • Grand Champion  — Sponsored!
  • Best Field Crew — Sponsored!
  • Thank you plaque for Indiana University of Pennsylvania — Sponsored!
  • Group 2-A
    • First Place — Sponsored!
    • Second Place — Available to Sponsor!
  • Group 3-A
    • First Place — Sponsored!
    • Second Place — Sponsored!
  • Group 4-A
    • First Place — Available to Sponsor!
    • Second Place — Available to Sponsor!
  • Group 5-A
    • First Place — Available to sponsor!
    • Second Place — Available to Sponsor!
  • Group 6-A
    • First Place — Sponsored!


Sponsorship costs are:

Grand Champion Trophy: $80
First place trophy: $70.
Second place trophy: $40.
Third place trophy: $35.
Best Field Crew plaque: $45.
Thank you plaque: $45


Please contact Rob Diaz at with any questions or if you’d like to sponsor one of the remaining trophies.